Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Minute to Win-it

Where have I seen this guy?
Hey it is Guy! Guy Fieri! With a better tan, gray hair, and 30 lbs. lighter! Sweet!

One of my favorites . . .

This girl was a natural!

Try doing this in 60 seconds- i dare you.

Braden was awesome playing Guy Fieri- I was kind of surprised how good he looked! He was a better "Guy" than Guy!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


* picture taken by me. make sure you give me credit for this picture. i know you want to copy it and try to sell it for hundreds of dollars. If you try it though, I will be on you like white on rice. No lie. :)

i can not get enough of spring blossoms right now. I found myself drawn to them this mother's day weekend. my family has wonderful cherry trees that outline their walk way and the smell is enough to take your breath away ( in a good way. the trees smell good )
The weekend was gorgeous the trees beyond beautiful, packed with fluffy white and pink flowers. Please get warm for more than a day so I can enjoy the trees before summer is here and smell them one last time! no more rain! no more rain! i'm a scrooge when it comes to rain. meh. here's to a wonderful weekend with warm wonderful sun and nothing wet unless it's so warm you decide to run through the sprinklers, then more power to you.