Monday, July 26, 2010

It was a one time thing

Went to Delta for Pioneer weekend. It was definitely a one time thing for me. I was there for moral support. The nights were great, really pretty, we camped, ate tin foil dinners, played Bucci with cute Japanese people, ate a TON, got dirty. braden found alot of fossils they are everywhere in Delta, these weird prehistoric giant rolly polly bugs. I guess I'm not a camping, fossil hunting kind of girl.
Sorry hun! I'm glad you had fun at least!

She doesn't look too bad in this picture- she started to blend into the desert by the end, really stinking dirty. poor thing was so hot, the sun was starting to fry her brain. Her and George didn't get along- the heat didn't help and the fact that George in starvation because Lloyd forgot to bring his food so you would see the poor thing try to sneak Maya's and she was not having it - Look at those fangs. George, you are lucky to be alive right now.

Braden in front of the sign we missed. Don't worry we kept driving deep into the night until we had burned through almost our last tank of gas, turned around and almost missed it again. Good thing he had ol' hawk eyes with him :)

Aw cute. I look old school and mom-ish.

And then we found our first fossil:

His name is Lloyd and I'm pretty sure he was there before Pangea. That's his weiner dog, George. Lloyd is 93 and loved digging for trilobites and geods. He was the first one in the pit in the morning and the last one out. Who knew one could love something so dumb. ( is that mean? )
I understand loving trilobite fossils if they are making you thousands of dollars but to actually pay ( which we didn't ) to go to Delta on Pioneer weekend, hang out in the dust and the blazing sun and dig for ancient potato bugs- why? Bunch of crazies.

winning feels good

I chose that outfit on the far left but now I'm wishing I got the middle one- dangit. What was I thinking. { i wasn't thinking i would win that's for sure }
Definitely not going to look like the girl in the picture.

Oh well- I won something!! Yay!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Stadium of Fire

Thanks for the tickets mom!

This girl has some pipes! She was so great and even made me cry a time ( or two! ) I loved it.

Gorgeous sunset- it was perfect weather that weekend!

What a great country this is! I am overwhelmed with gratitude for those brave people who fight for and lead this country with integrity. That I have the freedom to live without oppression, without fear for my family, my home, or my life. I don't why I was chosen to be born in such a wonderful place and during such an exciting time but I'm so grateful I was.
Happy Independence Day!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day at the shwimmin' pool

This is thee best way to spend a day off- but in the words of Reading Rainbow "don't take my word for it!" Get your bum to the pool and take some cute kids with you! You'll be in summer heaven!

{linsey and her baby macade}

{ our oldest neice, Kambria 8 }

{ Macade 3, Mackenly 4- almost 5! }

{ Mallory 2, not sure about the frog slide }

{ can you tell I was a little snap happy? can u blame me? }

Malyse was feelin' brave and took on the big slide! I'm not sure she liked it tho, what do you think?

Us in the very lazy river

{Malyse 6}

Sorry bout all the pictures but these kids were seriously on one . . .

See what I mean? soo classic- my favorite pic of all time.

We didn't have work on Monday, thank goodness, because then we got to spend the day with these lovely people! it was a pretty exciting day involving bird poo, a small tornado, dancing lifeguards, some under-aged PDA, and a killer tent. . . sound fun? we can't wait to do it all again! hurray for summer!