Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Family Ski Day (Alta)

We Heart Skiing!
Braden is an awesome skier, but his talent goes to waste on the baby slopes following me around telling me how wonderful I am while falling on my face. That's love.

Christmas at Mom's

This is my mom's house at Christmas, we love visiting because of how beautiful everything is. It doesn't feel like Christmas unless there's at least three decorated trees in the house!

This is Tucker and Kirby, they are my mom's youngest children. And yes, they are girls.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

This was one of the only pictures we had to take of ourselves because everytime someone caught us trying to take our own pictures they asked to do it for us- doesn't Christmas just bring out the best in everyone?

I love Christmastime because this is the only time of year when we get to enjoy the gorgeous twinkle lights on Temple Square. We finally were able to enjoy them together! It was wonderful!

O Christmas Tree!

My second Christmas tree, it looks exactly like last year. And it will probably look the same for years to come because I like it! No use changing a good thing right? It doesn't compare to my mom's Christmas trees that's for sure. I should post some pictures of her house during Christmas because words just can't describe!