Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas at our house

Up to my elbows in felt.

Naughty puppy eating my half made scarf.

Naughty puppy getting in the way of our pretty tree.

Do the lights on your tree make you really sleepy? If all the lights are off but our Christmas tree lights I curl up and go right to sleep- works just like NyQuil, without the hangover.

We saw the lights this Saturday, man was it crazy down there! I hope you got a chance to see them this year! I love Salt Lake at Christmas.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Spin Class

I stood up for myself today. In my spin class. It felt pretty good.

Isn't it an unwritten rule at the gym, that if you leave your stuff, water bottle, towel, ipod- what have you- on the equipment, you can leave to say go to the bathroom, come back and it should still be vacant? Isn't that fair? I can understand if someone is gone for like an hour, even an half an hour, even 15 minutes if there are no other bikes left. What about 3 minutes? Can I person not go to the bathroom for 3 minutes and trust that no one has taken it upon themselves to move your water bottle onto the floor and plump their fat rear end on your bicycle??

No, I guess not.

So, I left, I came back, went to MY bike- paused- is that guy really on my bike?? Is that really MY water bottle he threw on the floor?? All the Christmas-y endorphins out the window. My face was red hot and I started to shake. All the other cyclists were looking at me- what is she going to do? She has to get on a different bike now.

No, she doesn't and No I won't.

Anywhoo- I just simply went over there, tapped his pudgy sweaty gross shoulder and said:

" That's my bike."

"So?" Uh- So? What do you mean so? So get your ( insert choice words here) bum off my bike you nerd! Side note: He KNEW full well that was mine, he had passed me with his little girlfriend and when they noticed there were not two bikes next to each other, they moved on. Yea.

" So, get off!"

And he did. And I smiled. Don't mess with me, I thought.

So I know those thoughts didn't score me points in heaven but- some people just deserve it for crying out loud!!

( thanks for letting me rant. sorry to put a damper on all the warm fuzzies you may have been experiencing. warm fuzzies to come :) )

Monday, December 7, 2009

It's here

Early. again. welcome winter, you're about 14 days early again. and here you will stay. until March. hurray.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

And the winner is . . .

"Very cute. I was going to make one, but if you want to pick me - I'll just benefit from your craftiness!
I love the headband and two flowers sounds perfect. I'll let you pick the color -something that would go with lots of stuff. (Not black though... I have a black flower already)
email me and I will send you my address. redhead recipes at gmail dot com"


Congratulations Sarah! And thank you so much to everyone for playing! We will have to do this again soon!

* our winner was chosen using the True Random Number generator at