Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Starry Starry Night

Temple Square is so neat! I love the spirit there and how freezing it always is there and the horses and how happy everyone is. Those lights! I can't have Christmas without them! We had to stop on our way home on Sunday and I was worried because the fog was so thick and maybe the lights wouldn't be quite the same . . . but as soon as we came up to Temple Square it was crystal clear! Amazing! I'm so glad we were able to continue this tradition this year and didn't miss out. Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ugly sweater party- more like flugly (aka Flippin' Ugly ) sweater party

No words for this girl! Jeff you are one lucky guy! ( haha! ) Thanks for playing Jen!

Don't let this picture fool you- everyone was having a sweet time . . . making fun of me and all my flugliness.

One of the most impressive sites of the night . . . Can you believe this lady? Lani has not let the effects of old age wear her down at all!

It'll be fun sweethart, I promise! ( evil laugh by Nikki )

And the worst couple of the night award goes to- you braden. Just you. Give me another partner and I would have swept the floor. :)

What a good sport- no amount of concentration will ever get that pom pom stuck on your nose. Sorry. And are the antlers really necessary? Geez, how embarassing.

Cookie Face! Bethany was really good at this one, and all of them really . . .

Cody on the other hand . . . some people have the gift and you my friend are very gifted!

Oh husband, I have never been more attracted to you then right now- I don't know if it's the silk moo moo you're wearing or the green tree ornament hanging from your cable knit sweater or the bad comb over, but you got it goin' on!

So, y'know how you see an "ugly sweater party" on blogs and they are not ugly at all. Every one is really stylish and sitting around looking perfect with perfect decorations and food- well this is what an ugly sweater party SHOULD look like. And it should definitely include someone wearing a red sweater with a teddy bear holding a heart that squeaks when you push it and is placed in a very questionable place the person.

And for anyone who doesn't like th pictures I posted, I have worse ones. Like blackmail worthy so, merry christmas.