Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The rest of July was fun too!

A fun thing was our neighborhood had a pioneer day celebration that was a big hit! I feel a yearly tradition in the works here . . . it was complete with a yummy BBQ, a kids parade, and the best firework show ever! It was so fun to have such a big firework show right in our backyards, we kinda felt like celebrities! It went on for over 30 minutes! Can you believe that? I hope we always have such fun neighbors!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July Happenings

Saw about three fireworks shows- counting the one in our hood-so pretty!

Independence was so fun this year! It was along crazy weekend with one great thing after another! First we got to hang out with Braden's family! How we love them! We watched fireworks at USU, had smore's, slept outside in tents, ran in the morning, had a big yummy breakfast, what a great start to the weekend!

Then it was off to highland to be with my teeny tiny family. There is only two people home at my house right now! We went to Stadium of Fire and loved it. Brad, I loved you then, but seeing you live I love you all the more.

And look how they brought the flag in- with a paraglider man holding it! He ate it pretty hard, which was funny but then I felt guilty like they had just defaced the flag or something. Kinda cool though.

The next day it was the Freedom Run with dad. Horrible race. Whatever you do never under any circumstances eat krispy kreme donuts the night before, you will regret it. I'm sorry! I was hungry!!! Fun thing though- we ran right past my old house me and mom lived in until I was about 4- there were alot of memories on that run, especially when we ran past the mental hospital, bad and good memories. :)

Thanks for getting up and being there for me when I finished guys! I'm sure Sierra loved getting up at the crack of done to see me for 10 minutes and then drive all the way back-so supportive!

We did lots of swimming this weekend! This was at uncle gary's pool in Orem, it overlooks the whole valley. We feel like rich people. I wish I would have gotten pictures of swimming with the Merrill's. We swam almost all day on Monday with Braden's family and got really sunburned. It was great end to the weekend and now we may have to buy a pool. I'm just saying, we would have so many friends if we had a pool!!
Hope everyone had a wonderful wonderful 4th of July! Isn't summer the best?