Saturday, March 26, 2011

This is allowed

 This is my blog and I can blog about whatever I want.
Even something that may have happened 5 months ago.
I really hope to turn this blog into a book someday, I don't scrapbook, I can scrapbook about 5 pages and then I'm tired for the next seven years. It wears me out for some reason. So, with that, I need to blog this because I failed to before.

These are just some snapshots of a really delightful! weekend last November. What amazing, warm, wonderful, fabulous, stellar, awesome weather we were having that weekend.

This is Fanny the horse. Doesn't she look like a Fanny? I think so.

I found these pictures going through an album and my heart was happy. I know these days will come back someday! I just know it!

 Warm evenings are what it's all about. Every time I feel that feeling of pure, simple, calm, fill you up, you can't help but smile, joy it's on days like this.

When the days are long. The sun is setting. The mosquitos are buzzing. You can always smell a campfire somewhere. There's a hush and a calm. It's almost like you know the everyone else feels it too. And it makes you want to whisper. And giggle. And I wish my heart wasn't so connected to the sun, and the heat, and the season of summmer.

I wish this cold and cloudy-ness didn't effect me so. I wish I could be so joyful and happy all the time no matter what came my way. Rain or shine, I am full of life!

Oh well.
 Thank you for pictures! This was us once! So I can be happy about that. I am happy. That smell is coming back. Do you know the smell? What is it exactly? That feeling and smell that comes with winter saying goodbye and spring returning. It must be something but I can never figure it out. It's that same kind of smell I can sense right before school started.

mmmm. braden's good at capturing these moments. We have a zillion sunset pictures. If you've ever seen the movie Bedazzled, I feel like the part when he's really sensitive and it's trying to tell this girl how he feels about her but the sunset keeps making him ball hysterically and he cries When is that damn thing going to set?! I love it. I feel like my heart will literally burst with how amazing this world is! Look at it! The colors! The mountains, the sky, the trees. How can we not feel God's love for us?
Sorry, this is my journal. Like, literally I don't journal anymore. I probably should but I never do. That's why this blog is kind of, y'know, too thoughtful maybe? Too boring? Too serious? All of thee above? You've been warned. :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Here is are little engagement picture. We were engaged March 12th, 2007 so 4 years ago. It feels like a lifetime ago but I can remember it like it was yesterday. Braden took me to Old Main Hill because we met in the Old Main building on campus taking a philosophy class. Our parents were meeting that day and so it worked out really nicely. He took me to the hill to take pictures and then we came upon a little set up with a blanket and a laptop and maybe some flowers? I was like: oh it looks like someones being proposed to . . . where are they? I didn't recognize his laptop because I'm just smart like that. He's like- let's go over there and check it out! And let's open this random laptop and see what could be on there . . . all the while I was clueless. I was not getting it. I told him I really didn't feel right looking at some stranger's computer and then he opened it up to a little slideshow with a picture of Hey! It's me and you on there! Oh, okay, I think I see where this going . . . we're banging on all cylinders now . . .

Anyway so to celebrate, it was Saturday so no work. We went to lunch at Elements- so yummy. It's a fancy restaurant, for Logan, but their lunches are cheap! Then we ate out again- and we're lame. That's all we did. Ate and shopped but didn't buy anything. Why did I feel the need to blog this day? I guess I'm real glad I said yes to that Boy 4 years ago. Maybe one day I won't remember that and I will need a reminder that I did make the choice to say yes for time and all eternity. And to remember what I felt that day and throughout our engagement- I knew he was the one for me. I feel very special that someone like him loves someone like me.

Happy Engagement-versary Brade! Thanks for asking me to marry you!

Monday, March 7, 2011

I finally had a reason to blog

Snow Canyon

Mother Nature's crack

A big ol' cave

Brooke posing for a wheat things ad

Fancy restaurant we could afford because of Groupon ( hail Groupon!)

Caesar's Palace

Palm trees.

Finally got out of of town!  Look- see that blue color that is above us in most of the pictures? That's called the sky! It looks like that sometimes when it's warm and you are somewhere besides Logan,Utah! Seriously, what is with this weather? Don't we have a high percentage of women that are addicted to depression meds here? And people want to blame it on the church but- I think there maybe another reason and it may have to do with Northern Utah being sunless for 9 months out of the year. Being outside was burning my eyes because of how long it's been since they've experienced sunlight!  We had fun. The Wilson's were really great and took us to Zion's Park and Dixie Rock and we went splunking? or caving and they made me squeeze into this tiny crack in the rock all by myself- I was afraid I'd get stuck and have to think about cutting some appendage off but just die instead ( we talked about 127 hours alot this trip.) Las Vegas is so trashy I could die, why do we keep going there? And it's somehow still really fun because everyone is so hideous so you feel really good about yourself. I was hoping for Mexico again this year but at least we got to see the sun and I got to lay out for 2 whole hours! Can we move? Sometimes I wish a meteor would hit our house just so we could move. 

Peace and Blessings! (cheesy smile.)