Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thithster! Thithster!

Sierra did so good in her high school musical: The Music Man!
She had a line and a short solo. Which, I may be biased but I am pretty sure she has the best voice ever and should have gotten a lead part with that voice of hers. She has been in so many plays now and is so talented! We had so much fun watching her and her friends perform- it was pretty impressive for a high school production! We look forward to seeing her in more of these and see where that beautiful voice takes her! Please excuse my sickly face- I have been sick nonstop this season! I guess my body is just allergic to this crappy weather. :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

A little bit

A little bit of us at Jack's pizza in Logan ( where else? it's the happenin' place to be! )
We enjoyed it, a little bit.
Actually, it's delicious. We just don't want anyone to know about our well kept secret. That its basically the same as the popular Firehouse but quieter, better service, better tasting, and plus for me- No Tv's playing random football games for my husband to stare at the whole time while we're "on a date"! Yes, if you eat there you're husband will probably be forced to talk to you at some point. And who knows, you may learn something you never knew about each other, you may remember why you fell in love and that you still are very much in love. You may go home a little more wide eyed and smiley, and your stomach will defintely thank you for it.
What is it about this cold weather they makes me want to go into hibernation? I would be fine to never leave my house, my pajamas, my books, my crochet hook, and my little family until the snow melts in May. But that's just today.
PS. harry potter was wonderful! No it's not for children! But if you are over 13 ( I think more like 16 but what do I know ) probably the best movie in theaters right now. Loved it!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Got one!

It only took us about 50 tries to get a decent picture of our little ( kind of sad looking ) family for Christmas cards this year. It's decent, not great, really awkward but I guess that's us. We're not what you would call "camera friendly". We took this on the driveway at Zollingers, pretty location eh? I had to get a fall picture, the colors of fall are just breathtaking. I love the seasons, I love nature, I love my husband and my dog. Maybe we need a professional next time. Happy fall!

Monday, November 1, 2010

You can't tell it was halloween

These are the pictures we took during Halloween weekend. It doesn't look like we celebrated it much. Halloween will probably be more fun with little anklebiters running around. But we did enjoy some family time and hamburger time at JCW's in American Fork. Yums.
Really enjoying my 50 mm lens. Takes such pretty pictures. Pretty blurry pictures. sigh.

Mom was really excited about it. We all relaxed at Muzzy and Munga's and helped them give candy to trick or treaters. Grandpa griped every time someone came to the door and told them to go away. We told him if he really didn't like it he wouldn't waste time buying tootsie rolls and dums dums every year. He's a softie, we know better. Grandma keeps talking to me about this cat she had when I was little, she asks me every time: Do you remember that cat? it would always play with your hair. and climb up the screen door. And then she chuckles to herself. It's a little heartbreaking. When she's tired, it's especially difficult for her to remember- she asked me, Now did your dad ever get re-married? I look at her shocked and say: Yes grandma, when I was 8 remember? and she laughs and says oh yea, I knew that! and shakes her head. How hard it must be to get old. I love my sweet grandma. It was so nice to spend time with them in their cozy home in Highland with the door open and the raining pitter pattering outside and the sound of children laughing and squealing TRICK OR TREAT! Grandma said, it sure would be nice to have another baby around. Wouldn't that be wonderful? I told Sierra to get on that. We ate pizza and root beer floats and just talked. Very low key Halloween. I had a feeling that was exactly were I should be that night.

Plus- I was too sore to do much else. I also ran that morning. The provo halloween half. It was horrible. The dowhill about killed me, our bus almost didn't make it, the first rest stop ran out of water, at the other rest stop they fed us some nasty liquid called Heed, which much stand for something like hearburn ew ew diarrhea, it was so gross, they lost my bag for a few hours, I am now crippled permanently- but I went with my cute friend from High school and we looked cute in our tutus and made the best of it. I guess the shirts they gave out were pretty cool. And the costumes were amazing, there was a forrest gump, a chicken, a lady carrying an inflatable boom box, some really unattractive spandex, and a guy running barefoot.
Hope everyone had a great Halloween!!