Sunday, April 17, 2011

And just a few miles away

Spring has officially sprung!! We love Logan but spring it just weird and annoying! Where are our blossoms? Everything here is still dead and just an hour away it's spring! I guess I should be grateful it was just an hour away right? This weekend we went down to SL bright and early to watch our sisters and mom ( my in-laws) run in the SL half marathon. If you ever want to get motivated to run, go to one of these please! Watching the finishers, especially for the full marathon, is amazing and inspiring. We saw the very first person to complete the marathon, of course he looked like he was probably from Kenya or something, amazing! Finished just over 2 hours- a marathon!! Those people are nuts! Are we comprehending that that is like a 5 minute mile?? That to go that fast would be to set your treadmill at like a 12 and run that way for over 2 hours? I usually set mine at a 6 and I can barely run for 30 minutes. Apples and oranges but still! It's incredible what a body can do. We love the city. Braden and I love people watching so being in the city is the most entertaining thing for us. We were driving and had stopped at a light, looked over, and this lady was standing next to a building all alone waving her arms around like mad. She wasn't talking just flailing her arms around her head, I don't know if she was cleansing her aura  or praying or what the heck was going on but it was sure funny. When we went to the temple a man was there protesting-I can tell you about it but I don't really feel comfortable writing about it on here where anyone can see it.  Brade wouldn't let me talk to him but I really wanted to. What is the world coming to? Nothing is sacred anymore! To be honest though, it didn't bother me like I thought it would. I just thought, how sad. He will be accountable for that and that is a very serious thing to be accountable for. And he really isn't doing anything to me. To my testimony. It just makes me love my church all the more and the people in it! Most of us cherish what is good, we keep it sacred, we know it's value. We are happy and blessed because we know. I feel bad he doesn't understand. Last guy, went to Zupas, homeless guy out front with a sign that read: Boogieman ate my family, need money for a new closet door. Get it? He got 2 dollars out of us for comedic effort. You just never know what you'll see in the city. I'm always glad to come home to quiet, peaceful, calm Logan where people drive 10 miles below the speed limit because they can. home sweet home.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The weather is bipolar here

oh hey husband! shall we go for a walk on this lovely, sunny afternoon? Look at the sun shining and the practically clear skies, it must be at least 70 degrees outside!
Okay parents, you were right, the wind is actually really cold, but the sun is out! Bundle up and come outside!

 See? The sun is so bright we have to squint to get our picture taken! This was a great idea!

Yes, the wind is pretty much stinking my face right now, but it's still a nice day, we are walking!
Ignore me, I have horrible ideas. Never listen to me again. Let's walk, no run, back to the nice, warm house. See that house in the background? That's the house. Is that even a block away? We made it about a block before nature decided to ruin my lovely plans and start blowing evil snow darts at us! You let me down April, you really did. That's okay, mom's house is really cozy and we watched Tangled. Now I want to grow my hair out and light a lantern on fire. Why is Utah so crazy? I hope you figure out what season it is soon so I don't go crazy too!