Sunday, February 20, 2011

Remember that time . . .

I feel like lately life has been full of those little moments that I can look back and say to someone- Hey remember when . . . ? Like those little inside jokes almost.

Like right now I could say hey remember that time . . .

we went to brian reagan and I had a bad cold and laughed so hard some snot came out of my nose?

you learned lady gaga's poker face song on the piano and tried to sing it to me? ( to the husband.)

when we tried to make our husbands candy grams upstairs in the Macy's grocery store and realized that valentine's day was like a week away and maybe we weren't in this big of a hurry?

the day Cash was born?

I forgot to wear a bra to work and didn't notice until 3 in the afternoon?

you got me sick so I had to stay home from church and you told the Bishop I was suffering from "pansy-itis" to get back at me, but then the Bishop really came over with soup and a get well card with a definition of pansy-itis he had googled? ( whew!)

we found a pretzel stick that we probably should have saved forever because it was shaped like a cork screw?

we did nothing two weekends in a row because of this plague of influenza?

we went to Cheesecake Factory the saturday before valentine's and had to wait in line for 2 hours?!

when you I made you a candy gram for valentine's day and you didn't do anything for me? Then I went for a drive to cool down and when I came home you had written me a letter and put together a slideshow that said- the first day of the begging of my life. Maybe if you had planned better you wouldn't have had so many grammatical errors. and yes I will make sure you remember that day for years to come.

Today I feel like my life is sad. But I know that it will pass. It will be better soon. I am looking forward to a little getaway to St George, even though this seems to be the year that everyone's going everwhere, like cruises and Hawaii, and we are going no where. Maybe I resent them just a little. Being sick for two weeks is really not helping. The newly fallen snow is like lemon on a papercut. Will I make it through this winter? I hope so but I'm not too confident at this point. This week will be very busy so I'm looking forward to that. It's hard to stay sad when you're busy! I really like my calling, but planning RS activities is stressful! I feel like people will come and want me to prove myself to them somehow. I need to have faith that I am doing what the Lord would have me do and it will all work out. My first one is this Thursday. I'm crossing my fingers. Also, I have no pictures. Well, I did take one of the preztel but that's not very cool. I wish I loved to take pictures of Braden and me but it just depresses me lately! I look swollen in every picture and pale and I think my teeth are getting crooked finally from never wearing my retainer. Doesn't that paint a pretty picture, you see my problem.

Here's to the little things and to tomorrow and knowing that February is half over and I have daylight savings to look forward to!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's been fun

But it's time to go private.

There are a tiny few of you who may want to know-this is for you.

Please leave your email if you wish!

Have a happy Tuesday!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Things that are warming my heart lately. . .

* Nature. If this doesn't make you feel all warm and happy inside I just don't know what will.
(picture by Braden)

For reals though . . . .
* Surprise flowers on my counter
* Little sisters first formal dance
* Learning how to ski
* Surprise magazine subscription from Braden
* Playing ward basketball, not. I'll never go back.
* Chocolate cake Dunford donuts from 711
*Friends over for crepe night
* The actual crepes spread with melted nutella, bananas, and whipped cream-please try it.
*Papa John's BBQ chicken pizza
* My 3 yr old neice squeezing me and saying she loves me
*Superbowl sunday
* Learning how awesome Braden is at Wii dance. and that I'm better. haha.

* Warm house and Braden finally changing the Scentsy ( is this your husband's job too?). It smells like Christmas.
* Realizing that I am doing family history! Chalk another one on the old righteousness chart.
* January is over.
* It's World Nutella day.
* Starting the tradition of celebrating obscure holidays.
*My twinkle lights hung in the kitchen. Never taking them down.
I decided I may just compulsively blog because I can't stand to see the same post for this long! It's like an itch I need to scratch!
* It's February, which means the days are getting longer and it's almost Spring. Hurray for that.