Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's been 3!

Trolley Square June 2010

Park City June 2010

Downtown Park City, 3 anniversary getaway, June 2010

3 years of marital bliss! Bliss I tell you! The first was a breeze, the second a piece of cake, and the third has been down right heaven! ( am I making you sick yet?)

I am making me sick a little- but really I am so grateful to be married, married in the temple, to my best friend. What a wonderful learning experience, I have learned alot about myself, I have learned that I truly married "up". He is an example to me everyday. Cheers to us- we made it three and I am thrilled! I am definitely a fan of being married. :0 )

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Reason I love summer #415

The first day of summer was yesterday! Yay!

I love summer because summer means staying out late, warm nights, and movies in the back yard. We enjoyed it as much as possible considering our neighbors were yelling obscenities at us ( this means you Allens-wink wink ) and bugs were eating us alive- have I told you we live next to a swamp? it's great.

* if you can name the movie playing-I'll give you a big high five!

Monday, June 7, 2010

A little birthday photoshoot

Time for a new post! The last one has over stayed it's welcome.
It's been awhile so there is some catching up to do. I know you were worried. How have been carrying on without updates of our very exciting lives? Okay, so there hasn't been much to say, but the past 2 weekends have been really really nice. Especially Memorial Day weekend! 3 days with no work? Yes please! Oh, and did anyone in Logan see that rainbow today?? I can post about that later. After all this all you get are a few pictures of my Sierra. She is now 16 and getting more wonderful every year. We sure love her. I wanted to take her pictures in celebration. She was such a great sport considering she had surgery the day before. This girl got a really special present for her 16th birthday- she got to go to the hospital! and be poked with needles! and get her appendix taken out! Hurray!! Can you tell she is doped up in these pictures? Me neither! Happy Birthday cute girl!