Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Honest opinion

i love snappin' these little ankle biters. i've had a few peeps find out i have a wicked camy :) and want pics taken- but just because your camera is sweet doesn't mean the person behind it is. what do you think? do i have what it takes? i need an honest opinion.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Do you remember . . .

I remember when we first met . . . it was some time in early September . . . is that a song? :)
Or October . . . when is midterms? I cheated off his test and continued to take advantage of his mad philosophical know-how (aka: B.S.) until he asked me out. We were a good team. I drew me with stick arms and legs on his note pad one day with a little Hello inside a cartoon bubble. I thought, here I am, I do weird stuff like this all the time so if you don't like it, I guess I better find a new study partner. He smiled, took my pen, and made a twin stick figure next to mine: "Hi"it said.

And I was in love.

Dear Bugga,

I love you to the moon. You are my cielo, my everything. You are my best friend. I couldn't ask for a more wonderful husband. Thank you for being mine, and letting me be yours. I can't wait to have a gazillion more anniversaries with you. Hugs and kisses, and one more kiss.


Saturday, June 20, 2009

S & M's wedding cont.

Some pictures I sure enjoy. Doncha love weddings? Everyone is so happy! The bride and groom especially- seeing them so in love and excited for this new adventure, you just can't help but smile.
And seeing all the loved ones you have lost touch with because we're so wrapped up in being busy and going from here to there- this day we were especially excited about the weather! June has really done a number on me, I look forward to this beautiful month and the sunshine, but what a letdown it's been this summer. Even today, look outside! Clouds- leave us please! I don't think I can take anymore days of your gloom. I want Sun! Bring me back to the warmth and blue loveliness of yesterday:

The one Day

in June that is actually a perfectly wonderfully sunny spectacular day, was set aside by the heavens to celebrate the marriage of these two darlings. Congratulations Shay and Michelle, we are excited to see you in this new phase and wish you the best!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


I win for shortest shorts! yikes.

(me, half marathon. mckay, 10k)
Whew. I made it! I was so nervous! The week before I was having a hard time running because my legs just had had it, sore sore sore. I didn't know how I was going to run 13 miles on bum legs. Luckily I took some performance enhancement drugs (aka: ibuprofen) and the pain was gone in time for the race! I highly recommend this, it was a great experience.The lake the beautiful, the weather was a little gloomy but nice and cool, and there's nothing like crossing the finish line with everyone cheering for you!
Next time I do it, I need a running pal because it was a little lonely toward the end, and my i-pod went dead! I was doing pretty well until the last two miles- longest two miles of my life. When I was done I took off my shoes and had two Ginormous blood blisters on my feet and sharp pains in both my legs. It was kind of stupid because before this race, the longest run I did was 6.5 miles. Oops. But I learned, you're stronger than you think. I finished in about 2 and half hours- which isn't great but I made it! Hopefully the next one I will be able to train more and make better time. This was my first race ever so I'm just glad I went through with it and didn't give up. Anyone who is up for a half this summer let me know! The top of utah is the end of August and I hear is really fun.
Bear Lake half marathon: June 13th, 2009

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tender Mercies

Wow. The Lord has blessed me so much this week! He really is mindful of us and cares about our strife no matter how small. I have tried to follow Elder Eyring and recognize the Lord's hand in my life each day and then record it some how. Well, this week I had two experiences that may seem trivial but they really caused me stress. One was I lost the mail key, for my work. This would mean I would have to pay alot of money to have the lock changed and the service charge and blah blah. So I was just really stressed out and didn't know what to do. So I kind of threw out a prayer knowing that it was in the Lord's hands and He can do anything but also thinking, I probably should not be bothering Him with this right now. Went home, felt better, the prayer brought me peace of mind. Went into the laundry room and had a feeling to look in the shorts I had worn last week. Lo and behold the keys were still in there! :) I was so relieved. Then today I got a call from my mom: Did you know you lost your phone? Me: Um, no. Mom: Well you did and this lady called me from it this morning saying she found it on the highway. Me: Where? Mom: By Walmart. Okay, that's the craziest thing because I wasn't even in that area yesterday. So this little saint of a lady somehow saw my phone as she's driving 40 mph down the road, pulled over, and rescued it! First of all, how did it not become totally smashed by oncoming traffic? Second of all, who would take the time to do something so wonderful? Third of all, phone how did you end up 15 miles from my house? Not coincidence, the Lord's hand in my life. I didn't even have to pray this time. He just knew that I struggle with keeping track of phones and how badly I didn't want to lose this one (it was a nice phone)- and He blessed me. No matter how undeserving you think are, or how trivial your trial my seem, the Lord knows about it, and He wants to help you.