Thursday, October 29, 2009

Who knew

that sometimes the most unbecoming things . . .

are truly beautiful when pointed out by someone . . .

who took the time to find it . . .

because they knew it was there, all along, just waiting to be discovered.

I think that is how the Lord sees each one of us. And if we rely on Him, rely on His love, we may start to recognize, maybe a little at a time, the beauty that is just waiting to be found, but has been there all along by the One who loves us most.

* dead weeds in the field next to our house. oct. 2009

Friday, October 16, 2009

meanderings . . .

I couldn't think of anything for the title of this post. I wonder sometimes if this blog is doing more damage than good. Is it ever good to be obsessed with something? Probably not. I wonder if I tried really hard, if I could stay away for a whole month. I will go to rehab and then come back and get another taste of it, and the addiction will start all over again. I live such an unbalanced life right now. Everything seems chaotic, but I don't know why because I'm not busy with anything. I work and come home, that's it. Some how the day goes by and it feels like kind of a waste. And that's why I blog and take pictures- because it helps me appreciate the day for what it was. Not exciting, not unique, just Life. Everyday doesn't have to be life-changing, I don't always have to be accomplishing a million things because- well if I try to accomplish a million things, then I end up accomplishing nothing. Right? But I do need to take charge and take advantage of this time I have to myself and figure out what to do with it. in limbo.

one thing today made me happy, or two: no boss today, just me. and I bought that "Nearer" cd that nienie recommended. i haven't bought a cd for like 5 years, it was fun! this music is incredibly lovely and soothing. i second her vote. {you can get one online or at Deseret book!}

Enjoying the afternoon. we get just a glimpse of this after work. it's kind of our routine. we meet up at around 5:30, get Maya, and watch the sun set in the back yard, then go in and eat, then well it's funny because really we can do whatever we want- but we're lazy people, so t.v. and then, bed. sometimes scriptures and brushed teeth for Braden :) and always prayers.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

- I have a cute family

Don't you agree?Tiny bodies do not like the freezing cold! almost every picture you can tell they are just trying to keep warm. And the sun wasn't any help, hiding behind those clouds all day. Warm or cold, they take one gorgeous picture!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


If you ever have the urge to do maternity pictures, please please don't do anything like this

And if you do, please don't share.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Just trying to be crafty

So . . . being married I have fallen into being this home-maker wannabe and every once in awhile I actually try to do something worthy of the definition. Once I tried to make a moss ball, it turned out like a moss ball which is good, but then I forgot that I don't know how to decorate, so I have no idea what to do with it. I was given a sewing machine for my birthday that I take out and hold and daydream about home-made curtains, skirts, runners, pillow cases, all of which require sewing in a straight line. During conference I decided I should start small- very small. I found a tutorial online on a DIY Anthropologie flower clips. I do love Anthro and the tutorial was on: little shop of shavs or shavin' it up- or something. (If you really want it I can find the real one :) They're pretty cute? No need to point out they are clips from last year. They were fun and easy and I'm happy with how they turned out for the most part . . . so I blogged.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Peach pie and Birthdayz

September was quite the month for US, Braden did the LOTOGA, we went to Havasupai, and September is the month of Birthdayz! First it's my dad, then Shay (braden's little bro), then Christian ( B.I.L.), then ME!, then Braden and Maylse . . . am I forgetting someone?
What a great month it was!

I Love having a wonderful boy to share all my birthday dinners with for the rest of my days.

Homemade birthday cake made by Chef Braden-it only took 6 boxes of cake mix, well worth it :)

Me and my cake and a few little children spitting out the candles.

This month is also a wonderful time to be born because my grandpa's peach trees are ripe for the pluckin'! Just look at that beautiful juicy goodness-sigh. If only I were James and could live in a giant peach with a grasshopper and a ladybug, I could live off that stuff. I bet its the closest thing we have to the Forbidden fruit. Delicious.

My mom made a gorgeous homemade peach pie in place of cake which I gave 5 stars, it was yumm. I would put that recipe up but I also love this one : (its a more Me-proof version of a peach pie, which is also a Merrill favorite and turns out great every year)

2 graham cracker pie crust, already made
1 C sugar
4 T cornstarch, dissolved in 1 1/2 C water
3 T Karo syrup
2? packets peach JELLO
however many sliced peaches fill up the pie crust :)

*Combine all ingredients besides the peaches and um, the crust-Boil on Med/High heat until thick. Pour mixture onto sliced peaches. Cover and refrigerate about 30 min. (if you can!). Top with whipped cream, grab a fork and float away to peachy Heaven.