Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"That sucks"

Rant of the day: I can not stand when you come to someone with a problem and it's obvious that this problem is quite serious and you go on and on and finally stop to hear what wonderful advice or long awaited comfort this person will offer and the only thing they can think up to say is: "That sucks." Wait, that can't be it, waiting, waiting. Nope that's all, and you sit stunned that a person could be so insensitive until they turn there backs and disappear. I can understand a boy saying something like that, a 16 year old boy, but a fellow female? Aren't we supposed to be known for our compassion, intuition, and sensitivity. I vow I will never be so tactless.

I just need to

I just need to brag for a minute. My husband has been awesome lately! He has always been such a strength to me and such a support and it's really shown the last few days. I have been a huge baby and used this cold as an excuse to be as lazy as possible this week. And I feel so guilty for not being a good housewife. But Braden never says anything he just gets to work- it's wonderful! Last night he deep cleaned the bathroom, did some laundry, organized the garage. And this morning I asked him if he did any whites, Nope, okay I'll put some in in a minute, so I roll over and he gets up and puts my whites in for me!! Then he vacuumed the downstairs, this is just this morning (who is nice enough to vacuum at 7 in the morning?) and made us breakfast. A really yummy one too, english muffs and an orange smoothie. Thank you husband for all you do! I don't deserve you! xoxoxox

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


The sight out my bedroom window is so digusting. Rooftops covered in unholy white snow. I'm over it, I am over the cold. I'd rather be in a drought for 80 years then feel one more drop of precipitation ever again. grrrrr.

Monday, March 23, 2009

This is who we get to hang with . . .






It's so flippin' fun!!
Breakfast for Brooke . . .
My poor pregnant friend has only gained 12 lbs in her 7 months of being with child, don't you feel so sorry for her?
We figure it's because all she eats is Rice a Roni (except when Steve's around). So we had a big breakfast at the house to help feed her starving child!

We made delicious banana and pull apart bread with egg, sausage, and hash brown casserole.
Isn't breakfast just the best meal of the day? Especially when you eat it at noon?

On a day like today . . .

Who wouldn't be smiling?

Happy First Day of Spring!!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

we love to play

we just needed to get away. it's winter, it's depressing, it's unavoidable, especially in utah. what a perfect weekand to enjoy the city. the sky was lovely, the sun was warm, my outfit was colorful. my husband was there. bliss.
our first spot was this little patesserie, les madeleines in slc. everyone knows this spot but me, because i am culturally and culinarilly deprived in cache valley. i loved it. the pistatio eclair was especially divine.

we're early morning and late afternoon eaters, i could eat delicious goodies all day if my metabolism would permit. what a gorgeous summery morning it was! looks will deceive however because it must have been 10 degrees outside. just the sight of the sun brings warm to my bones though.

we shopped around which i didn't feel the need to document, braden was so great to let me go where i pleased. i had my heart set and would not be disappointed on such a gorgeous day, he did enjoy his time in the mac store, braden draws the line at forever 21, this is where are paths always split.

jason's deli for lunch. whatever i had was splendid, and the free frozen yogurt swirl doesn't hurt either. i don't think i could have chosen a more blinding shirt. it's a bright one.
another place he seems to enjoy staying away from, anthropologie. i had a sit with him to take a picture and then couldn't contain myself any longer. i love the colors and fabrics and trinkets and knobs in this store. one day i will shop here for everything and be happy.

all day was to die for. sometimes you surprise me utah valley. i am happy to see you so ready for spring as i am.

we made it! a saturday reservation was available and we jumped on it. (and all thanks to my supermom of a mom) such a beauty of a building.
the inside is wonderful and surprisingly stylish. it was lovely to be there with my husband and sit in the sealing room together. so many feelings and memories. i am grateful beyond measure that we made the choice to be married in the Lord's House. i love my husband. i love my Savior, and i am so grateful to him. without repentance i would never be worthy enough to set foot in such a sacred place. what a wonderful blessing that we are sealed for eternity. i can't imagine being married for anything less.
come and see.

Weirdest Drink Award

the weirdest most unusual drink award, awarded by me, goes to this little ditty:
this little tasty is just plain weird. bought at the local chinese restaurant, royal express, and enjoyed by us! The little balls sinking to the bottom look questionable to say the least, but i guess we were just in the mood for something crazy that nite. they're called bubble drinks, or as Stephanie from the hills calls them; bobo drinks. They're weird so of corse they're trendy too!
i guess we're hip and didn't even know it.